Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ideas for "Prospering Despite a Downturn Market"

As I mentioned last week in my post on Free Continuing Education, Career Directors International offers free monthly "Best Practices" teleclasses to help resume writers and career coaches brainstorm best practices.

Yesterday, I cleared my schedule for an hour to listen to the most recent one, "Best Practices in Prospering Despite a Downturn Market." There were some great ideas. I was particularly interested in some of the strategies shared by career coach Laura Drew, of Carolina Career Coach, Inc.

One of Laura Drew's best practices is quite attention-getting. She ordered double-sided business cards from VistaPrint. On the back side is a list of teleclasses she offers. She also ordered a baseball cap that has "JOB HUNTING?" in all capital letters. On the business cards, she wrote the word "Hat" in the corner. When she wears her hat out in public (while she's running her errands, she notes), people ask her about the hat, and she gives them her "elevator pitch" and business card.

In one recent outing, she took 50 business cards with her; by the time she got home, she had distributed 47 of them. Those 47 cards turned into 13 paying clients.

That's just one of the ideas from the teleclass. There were more. Members of Career Directors International can access the MP3 audio files from all previous calls, including:
  • Background Investigations Mega Trends
  • Best Practices in Career Services Pricing
  • Best Practices in Coaching Clients Using SWOT Analysis
  • Best Practices in Creating Resume USPs
  • Best Practices in Millennial Resume Writing
  • Media Strategies Tips Seminar
  • New Trends in Interviewing
  • Paperless Resumes Mega Trends Report
  • Resume Fraud Mega Trends Report
  • Selling Career Research Services to Clients
  • Social Networking Mega Trends Report
  • Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Q&A
  • 2008 CDI Conference (Seattle, WA) Q&A
  • World's Best Resume Writer Competition Q&A
And here are the upcoming free teleclasses from Career Directors International:
  • July 22: Best Practices in Advertising Your Career Service Business
  • Aug. 12: Best Practices in While Life/Office Organization
  • Aug. 20: International Resume and Career Services Q&A
  • Sept. 16: Best Practices in Resume Data Mining (Client Information Gathering)
Laura DeCarlo is offering a special CDI membership offer for Resume Writers' Digest readers: Join CDI by July 31 and save $25 off the regular membership. Use this link: JOIN CDI and type in "Resume Writers Digest" in the comments box. The cart will show $150, but your credit card will only be charged $125 (you save $25).

Here's another quote from a CDI member who also listened to the best practices audio:

"I just finished listening to the recording of the 'Prospering Despite a Downturn Market' teleseminar. WOW!!! An hour of my time well spent. Thanks, Laura, for giving us such an extensive list of great, mostly free, ways to market and build business. I'm glad I was keyboarding everything you said, so I didn't miss much. You offered a number of specific things to do and places to go to get them done -- things I can get moving on right away. Some are things already on my to-do list, some are new ideas to me. A terrific push to be proactive and work thorugh slow times. I'm all fired up and anxious to get started."
-- Meg Guiseppi, Executive Resume Branding

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