Thursday, September 9, 2010

Best of Today: 9/9/2010

This was an easier task today. I just kept track of cool & interesting stuff as I came across it. (Oh, and just so you know,  I looked through about 10x as many articles as I posted links ... I'm trying to "edit" the volume of stuff for you guys.)

Today's question is: Do you want me to provide some commentary with the articles? Like a sentence or two on what it's about, and why I thought it was cool/interesting? Let me know. Comment below.

Jason Alba blog post on I’m On Linked In – Now What? "Who Owns Your LinkedIn Profile" 

"Hire Me: Your Employment Prospects for 2010 (Results of Manpower Survey)"

Great example of an online “Resources” guide for clients – courtesy of Donna Svei, AvidCareerist

Love Wendy’s Humor – Wendy Terwelp Blog Post (Rock Your Career) – “I Don’t Kiss on the First Date – LinkedIn Tips”

Bonus content from me --
Quote of the Day (QOTD):

Via @TheJobQuest RT @steviepuckett: Your job security no longer lies in having a job. It lies in knowing how to work the job market.


  1. Thank you for the mention. What great company!

    Donna Svei

  2. Thanks, Donna! Happy to share your resources, and hope to see more of your stuff on my daily "Best of" lists!!