Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Are You Digitally Distinct?

After reading Career Distinction by Kirsten Dixsen and William Arruda, I became interested in digital distinction and online branding. Then, on Kirsten's Facebook page earlier this week, she posted a link to an Online Identity Calculator.

The results of the calculator matched the results of my assessment when reading Career Distinction: I'm digitally distinct!

Digital distinction is a measure of your online profile at any given point in time. As Kirsten and William define it, "The online identity calculator measures the effectiveness of your online identity and places you on our digital scale. Knowing where you stand today will help you determine exactly how much work you have to do and your next steps."

They go on to say that, "Where you fall on the digital scale is based on a combination of volume and relevance. How many results do you get? How many of those webpages actually pertain to you? Do the references to you on the Web communicate a positive, negative or neutral image of you? How consistently do those results communicate what you want to be known for?"

Here are my results:

The majority of results that come up for me are aligned with my personal brand -- primarily my work with Resume Writers' Digest. This is the area of my business that I want to continue to focus on growing, so it's encouraging to me to see how my online brand profile appears.

I am digitally distinct! Visit

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