Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Survey: Affiliate Marketing

What if you could add revenue each year to your business with very little work? That's the promise of affiliate marketing. I'm doing a free teleseminar for Maria Hebda's "Career Experts Online" series on the topic on Sept. 22. Will you take 2 minutes and help me by answering a few questions in my survey?

I'll be compiling the survey results this weekend, so *do it now!!!*

Take the survey here. (Nine short questions; average response time is just under 4 minutes, according to QuestionPro, the fabulous online survey software program I use to manage my surveys. And no, QuestionPro does not currently offer an affiliate commission.)

Thanks to those who have already responded to my plea (via e-mail, Facebook, and/or Twitter)  to take the survey.


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