Thursday, June 9, 2011

Social Media Time Management Strategy: Make a Twitter List

In the newest issue of Resume Writers' Digest, the cover story is on "Social Media Time Management Strategies for Resume Writers." In the spirit of that article is this blog post, which addresses a time-saving tip for Twitter.

One helpful Twitter feature is the ability to make a List. You can add those you follow to a list so that you can see all related tweets at once. Think of it as a customized timeline.


Ideas for lists to create would be Recruiters, Colleagues, Family, Celebrities, etc.


Old Twitter:

To create a list in the old version of Twitter, you would click on “New List“ in the Lists section on the right side. Once you have created one or more lists, they will appear above where you create a new one so you can easily access them.



New Twitter:


In the new version, click on the dropdown arrow beside “Lists” and then click on “Create a list.”




The process of actually creating your list is essentially the same in Old and New Twitter. Assign your list a Name and Description then choose whether you want it to be “Public” or “Private”. When finished completing this screen, click on Save List.


Once you’ve created your list, you can add people by searching for them:



Or just go to your follower list and find the people you want to add. Just click the icon on the far right and you can select to add the person to any of your lists.



Once your list is complete, you can click on it to see the tweets of those on your list only.

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