Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 Inspired "Ten Steps to a Federal Job"

Author Kathryn Troutman shared the story over the weekend about how the 9/11 tragedy inspired her book, "Ten Steps to a Federal Job." I requested permission from her to reprint the story on my blog. Here it is:

"Starting on the day after the attack, concerned citizens were calling our office at The Resume Place, Inc. to ask for help with applying for federal positions. We saw that Americans needed a quick, step-by-step guide to federal jobs in order to understand the complex application process and successfully apply for the anti-terrorism, emergency management, and law enforcement careers (that resulted from the attacks). I wrote and published the first edition of "Ten Steps to a Federal Job" (Bridget's note: link is to the third edition, which was just published this month) within months after Sept. 11, 2001.

U.S. citizens would call and say, "I want to have a job that will make a difference. I want to help protect our nation's security. I don't want to sell computers, or cars, or financial services anymore. I want a job with a federal agency that can make a difference for America. I don't know anything about federal jobs, but I want a job where I can help make America more secure, somehow, some way."

Job seekers were in a hurry to land a job where they could make a difference in America against terrorism. They wanted jobs where they could contribute their skills to new careers in security, safety, disaster preparedness, analysis, data, and communications to increase information about and reduce terrorism toward America.

Financial job seekers from New York City's financial district were calling to find new careers using the financial background that they had developed for many years in NYC. Their businesses were gone, many colleagues were lost during the attacks, and thousands of jobs were wiped away. We helped many financial analysts and financial specialists to relocate and redirect their careers into financial services in government agencies. Hundreds of new public service job seekers were asking about first-time federal jobs where they could make a difference.

Agencies and jobs that were of the most interest for first-time federal job seekers to help protect our nation's security included:
  • FBI: Police and law enforcement officials wanted to help the FBI track terrorists.
  • TSA: This agency was formed very soon after 9/11, and many retired police personnel, security, and law enforcement personnel flocked to TSA.
  • FEMA: Emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness, and EMT personnel were seeking positions to take care of emergencies that may occur in America following this day.
  • CIA/NSA/NGA: People from all walks of life were interested in intelligence positions, including language specialists (especially Arabic language speakers).
  • DHS (including CIS, CBP): People wanted to be a part of change in immigration, customs, and boarder work to help monitor those who came into the country safely.
  • HHS/CDC: Public interest spiked in epidemiology, biology, and forensics, as it related to possible terrorism in America.
  • Military Services: Thousands of brave Americans volunteered for the active duty and reserve services and would deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan for many tours over these past 10 years to protect America.
The Next Step:
Now, Certified Federal Job Search Trainers are helping thousands of first-time job seekers today who are public service-oriented!

Ten Steps to a Federal Job gave thousands of patriotic, public service-oriented Americans the steps they needed to try to begin a public service career that could help improve our watchful eye against terrorism, to serve expert skills in counter-terrorism, to assist with emergency preparedness, to design continuity plans, and to help manage disasters that we hope won't occur.

The "Ten Steps to a Federal Job" curriculum is still being taught on military bases around the world to military personnel and spouses who are currently serving America to ensure the safety and security of U.S. citizens.

A message of sincere appreciation goes out to the military personnel who have served for the last 10 years and sacrificed so much to protect America in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We at The Resume Place, Inc. are dedicated to helping the military and public servants continue to protect the security of Americans.


Resume writers: If you are interested in obtaining training to become a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer, click here for more information.

Kathryn Troutman Photo courtesy of Emily Troutman, Photographer.

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