Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Action Day: The Power of We for Resume Writers

Today, Oct. 15, 2012, is Blog Action Day. This annual event (this is year five!) allows bloggers around the world to blog about a common theme. This year's theme is: The Power of We.

Of course, this topic is very relevant to professional resume writers. As a collective industry of careers industry professionals, we have immense power to shape the discussion about the job search and provide hope and inspiration to thousands of jobseekers each year.

This theme is especially relevant this week, as the last month has featured two great examples of resume writers working together -- the National Resume Writer's Association Conference in Charleston last month and the Career Directors International Conference in San Diego last week. At careers industry conferences, resume writers share strategy, tips, and best practices with their colleagues. Information is shared in sessions but also in informal networking and social get-togethers outside of presentations.

When we share information and ideas with each other, we have the power not only to improve our own skills, but the results and experiences of our clients.

When we share information and ideas with the media, we increase visibility about the resume writing profession.

And when we share information and ideas with our clients, we help them become more effective in their job search and careers.

We have a lot of power as professional resume writers — but we get the most out of this power when we share with others. On this Blog Action Day, take a moment to think about how you can use your power and share something with a colleague, a client, or the media today.

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