Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buying a Domain Name for Your Career Services Business

While many resume writers have a website already, there are some folks thinking about starting a career services business who haven't even picked out a business name yet. If you're at that point, think about your website domain name at the same time you're naming your business.

A domain name is the name of your website. For instance, is the domain name for eBay.  There are many places to buy domains on the web. You can purchase the domain for a single year or in terms of multiple years. Domain registration is relatively inexpensive, with prices at under $10 per year. I personally use -- and recommend -- 1and1.

The fist step of buying a domain is searching for a name. Here are some tips on naming your site:
  • Go with .com — domain names that end in .net, for instance, may be cheaper than domains that end in .com, but most people are going to remember .com. If you have a different ending, you could end up losing customers.
  • Spell things correctly — if you want to name your site "ProResumes" and it's already taken, don't misspell words on purpose (example: "Pro-Rez-amaze"). Misspellings are hard for your customers to remember, and if they type in the correct spelling of the domain, you may end up sending them to a competitor's site. (And, in this case, you may be infringing on the copyright of
Once you find an available domain that you like, it's time to buy it. You can enter a public or private registration. Public registrations will be visible in the directory. The whois directory allows people to type in a website and view the owner's personal identity. If you do not want your personal information shown, choose private registration (this may cost extra with some domain registrars -- private registration is the same as public registration on 1and1).

After you have selected the term of your registration (such as 1, 2 or more years) and decided if you want public or private registration, you only need to enter your billing info and complete your purchase.


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