Friday, May 17, 2013

Using Visuals in a Way You May Not Have Considered (On Pinterest)

I've blogged before about "Using Pinterest In Your Career Services Business" and "Best Practices in Content Curation" and today I want to combine both of those topics and talk about using visuals in your content curation on Pinterest.

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One of the best ways to establish your expertise as a resume writer is by sharing content with your prospects and clients. When others realize your level of expertise, they will be more likely to recommend you to others, as well as patronize your resume writing services.

Using Visuals on Pinterest to Promote Your Resume Writing Business
They say that "seeing is believing." When marketing your resume writing business online, seeing is a big part of believing that your services can help your customers in their job search. To that end, using visuals on Pinterest can assist you.

You might be thinking that Pinterest is very focused on visuals. You're right. But Pinterest is not all about food and craft ideas. Here are some "visuals" for Pinterest you may not have considered:

  • Tutorial videos. These "how to" videos show people ways to use technology in their job search (i.e., you may create a tutorial of a specific LinkedIn feature -- like customizing your profile URL) or talk about a specific job search technique (such as salary negotiation tips).
  • Service demonstrations. This can be done in video form as well, but you can also do a slide show presentation board that shows prospective resume clients the evolution of a resume (explaining the importance of the different sections usually found on the resume, and how to build in accomplishments and visual interest). Another type of video would be an animated slide show. 
  • Mix your media. Create pinboards that feature a mix of videos, slide shows, and grouped product images, all for a common theme. This gives readers several things to see on your board that can pique their interest.

Tips on Visuals

  • Make them colorful ñ When images "pop," they are easy to see. Use a variety of colors. 
  •  If you can't find an image, create one! You can create your own charts and visuals and then take a photo of them. Use clear writing and colorful pictures that are easy to see. 
  • Make them informative! People want something pretty to look at, but they are mostly looking for information. Be sure that your visuals give lots of that. Don't forget to make great use of descriptions on Pinterest.

Visuals offer another type of media to help market your resume writing business online, so make the most of them on Pinterest!


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