Thursday, March 27, 2014

CDI Offers Tip Sheets for Resume Writers

Since launching their library of downloadable expert tip sheets in March of 2013, Career Directors International has expanded upon the concept to now offer best practices in 24 different core areas for resume writers, career coaches, and career entrepreneurs. Sourced from the top minds in the industry, they provide at-your-fingertips advice to those wanting to save time, avoid reinventing the wheel, and know they are accessing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge data.

When Career Directors International (CDI), a global member-based organization of resume writers and career coaches, launched their Best Practices Tip Sheets program a year ago, they knew the sky was the limit on what could be done to improve functionality for industry professionals. Working with the guidance of their volunteer-based education committee, CDI has sought to address timely issues that plague their members.

CDI President, Laura DeCarlo, states, “We live in an era of information, which leads to overload, with much of that information being irrelevant or faulty. Our key goal with the Best Practices Tip Sheets is to help career professionals avoid a confusing and exhausting learning curve while allowing them to step out of the fray of data overload. The Best Practice Tip Sheets deliver timely, relevant information to solve the problems that plague them, whether it’s about writing a resume or handling a business-building challenge.”

CDI staff and volunteers have their ears to the ground, constantly monitoring internal discussions and industry trends and changes. In this manner they are able to pinpoint what their members need to know now so that they can deliver the standards that are needed industry-wide. Committee members work with the membership and other industry leaders to solicit, research, curate, and edit data to produce 1-2 tip sheets each month. Each tip sheet is meant to provide immediate value with a ready-made tip sheet that can be shared with job seeking clients or used by the professional to master a new skill set.

CDI’s current tip sheet library includes:

  • Selecting a credit card processor
  • Calculating service prices/rates
  • Demonstrating cost of employment vs. cost of career services
  • Crafting a powerful and protective client agreement
  • Identifying and deflecting difficult clients
  • Setting boundaries and controlling clients
  • Strategies and tips for income tax preparation
  • Adding value to resume packages with bonus items
  • Using resume writing and career coaching guarantees
  • Relaxing and de-stressing
  • Taking a vacation without getting hassled or losing business

Interviewing, Job Search & Career Coaching
  • Creating interview portfolios
  • Helping older job seekers
  • Questioning strategies for coaching clients on job search
  • Strategies for job seeker telephone interview preparation
  • Educating clients on survival jobs
  • Networking for job search success

Resumes, Documents & Social Profiles
  • Creating LinkedIn profiles (8 pages!)
  • Helping older job seekers
  • Strategies for creating military transition documents
  • Handling employment gaps in the resume
  • Resumes and CVs for the UK (publishing soon)
  • Resumes and CVs for Canada (publishing soon)
  • Resumes and CVs for Australia (publishing soon)

The Best Practice Tip Sheets are just one of hundreds of ways CDI supports professionals within the careers industry. Members also have access to complementary resources including discussion support groups, mentorship programs, thousands of downloadable resources, articles, and tools; trend reports, business and marketing strategy, webinars and teleclasses, and over 70 hours of on-demand expert classes. More information can be found about membership on CDI’s benefits page.

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