Monday, March 10, 2014

Turn Resume Prospects Into Resume Clients

One of the most important reasons to have an opt-in mailing list of resume prospects (gained by getting visitors to your website and blog to sign up for your mailing list) is to smooth the peaks and valleys of your resume writing business.

If you've been in business for any length of time, you know that you're going to get tons of calls in January, April, and September. But you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs in July, unless you have a way of generating business.

That's why you continuously build a list of prospects, but don't wait until you need the client to fill a spot to start turning them into clients. Start from the moment they sign up for your list. If you do, when a spot comes open you'll have your choice of ideal clients from which to choose. You'll never be without the exact clients you want at the exact right time. Here's how.

Build TrustProvide all prospects with information and education freely without trying to sell to them. When someone signs up for your email list, or signs up for a teleseminar or webinar you're hosting, or reads one of your special reports or ebooks, they are trusting you to deliver a certain quality. Seek to exceed their expectations in order to build the trust they'll need to further open their wallet and choose you as their service provider. (Don't have time to create the content yourself? Check out Pass-Along Materials, which are done-for-you content packages that you can use in your resume writing business.)

Solve Their Problems
Jobseekers have problems. They have issues that you can solve with your expertise. If you can describe issues that your audience has and tell how you can solve those issues, then you show them that you provide solutions for them. But remember to solve the problem they ACTUALLY have, not the one that they THINK they have.

Jobseekers think they need a resume, but what they really need is job search support. They need someone to look at their skills, eduction, and experience and package it in such a way that it is attractive to someone in the position to hire them. In other words, you don't sell resume services … you sell interview-getting services.

Become a Resource
This might sound strange, but there will be resume prospects that you really can't help. But, you'll know someone else who can help them. It's important that you refer them to those people because 1) you've just made yourself a resource to your audience and 2) those whom you refer will remember the kindness and return the favor. Only recommend people you know will do a great job because next time that person needs work that you can do, they'll contact you again.

Provide a Fresh Perspective
Many prospective resume clients will come to you already frazzled. They need so much help that they don't even know where to begin. Take charge of the call (or email) and help your potential client make a list of what needs to be done ("You need a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile update, and interview coaching") so that you can determine if you are right for the position. Help them think through the actions and work needed to reach their goal. Focusing on the goal will help your client focus too.

Finally, if you don't convert them to a paying resume client at the time of the first call, ask them to be part of your email list, so that they can receive more information. In addition, whether they're part of your list or not, follow up with them in a couple of weeks or a month or two to find out how things are going for them. (This is easy to do with an autoresponder like AWeber.)

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