Monday, March 3, 2014

Generate More Leads for Your Resume Writing Business With Social Media (Checklist)

Social media is an excellent tool to use to generate more leads for your resume writing business. At your fingertips you have access to thousands of people -- it's a networking event on steroids. But, how do you use social media to attract the right audience and generate the right leads for your resume writing business?

Here's a checklist of things to consider when using social media to attract prospective clients to your resume writing business:
  • Know Your Audience. You have to know everything you can about your audience. Who exactly are they? What is their gender? How much money do they make? What are their fears and concerns? What problems do they have that you can solve? You can get to know your audience by going where they are and studying them. (One easy way to do this is to look at the LinkedIn Groups targeting jobseekers.)
  • Spell Out Your Goals. You can't start any type of marketing without a goal. In this case, it's lead generation. How many leads do you want to generate -- and in what period of time? Exactly who do you want as a lead? What makes a perfect lead, and what would attract that perfect lead?
  • Create a Content Strategy. Use content to capture clients. You'll need to create content for your website/blog and social media that has the point of your marketing campaign in mind: Getting more leads. (More prospects = more potential clients.)

After that, almost everything else rests on content to promote your lead capture pages.
  • Create Compelling Content. If you want someone to trust you to give them information so that the lead can become a prospect, you're going to have to work for it. Great content uses images, video, audio, and is engaging and relevant to the audience.
  • Put Sign-Up Forms on Social Media. You can put a sign-up form right on Facebook, and Facebook can become the landing page. When applicable, put the sign-up form where the content is so that you can get a higher conversion rate.
  • Improve Your Social Media Profiles. Sometimes before someone clicks through your links they're going to check your profile. If you have a bad headshot, and a half-filled out profile, they're not going to go back and give you their email. Nope. They're going to click away, never to return. Don't let that happen. Improve your social media profiles -- always. (This is especially important if you offer LinkedIn profile development services!)
  • Spend Some Money. If you've created an awesome content marketing strategy, but hardly anyone is seeing it, then it might be time to pay for sponsored posts on social media networks that have that offer. Capturing leads is one of the ways that you can use social media advertising without spending a fortune. 
  • Offer Something Substantial. Giving away a freebie to get a lead's email address is standard practice -- but what you need to offer nowadays to get the prospect to opt-in has changed. You need to offer something of genuine value -- getting someone to opt-in to an email newsletter is no longer seen as valuable to potential clients. Instead, offer a special report, e-course, or teleseminar recording/transcript.
  • Create Multiple Landing Pages. Create a new landing page for each social media network so that when your audience clicks through the link on your content, they are taken to a special page that welcomes them and makes them feel at home. 

With the number of people within your target audience using social media, making social media work for you as a lead generation tool is a no-brainer.

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