Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2: Biased "Resume Writer" Evaluation Websites

I wrote about this type of website before -- the website that purports to "rate" professional resume writing services, but is really a shill (or shell!) site for a resume writing company with multiple websites. My initial post on the subject got more than 20 responses.

Here's the latest website of this type -- Resume Shopper.

My problem with Resume Shopper is that they advertise The "Top 7 Resume Sites" but it appears to be a site that resume sites can pay to advertise one (and therefore be listed as a "TOP" resume site). Furthermore, in looking at the sites that are linked, it appears that they are all owned by the same company, as the contact information for many of the sites is "535 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 240, Lafayette, CO 80026." (That's the contact address for KSA-Help,, Career Change Resumes, and Entry-Level-Resumes.)

Furthermore, although Resumes Guaranteed lists "Andrew Greenstein" as a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (which he is), according to their website, he's not using the official PARW logo, which is strange. Here are the logos he displays:

1-on-1-resumes, which Greenstein also owns, is also listed as one of the "Top 7" sites. Resume Perfection, another of the sites listed, has the same design/structure as 1-on-1 Resumes and even references 1-on-1 Resumes:

I think this is deceptive advertising. There is certainly nothing wrong with having multiple sites dedicated to different segments of the job market (i.e., an executive-targeted site, a new-college-grad website, etc.), but setting up a website that purports to be an objective source of information about resume writing services (saying, "NO resume service is permitted to advertise here until they have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by our analysts") is misleading to consumers.

And it reflects poorly on our industry. This is a scam that reputable resume writers don't engage in.

This is the second in a series of blog posts as part of the "The Jessica Swanson 50-Day Blog Post Challenge." Today's challenge is: "Expose a scam in your industry."

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