Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lent Special: Best of the Conferences Special Report

During Lent, I'm offering a special bonus for any Resume Writers' Digest purchases made. You'll receive a free copy of my "Best of the Conferences: 2000 to 2002" special report.

Here's the description of the report:
60-page report; delivered electronically. Contains summaries of the sessions from the 2000 PARW Conference in Toronto, the 2001 NRWA Conference in San Antonio, the 2001 PARW Conference in St. Petersburg, the 2002 CMI Conference in San Diego, and two career-related sessions from the 2002 AJST conference in Orlando. Great information on marketing, pricing your services, add-on services, sales techqniues, and great resume writing tips from Jan Melnik, Louise Kursmark, Wendy Enelow, Susan Britton Whitcomb, and more.

See below for a half-dozen screen shots of the great (and timeless!) information included in the report:

This special offer is valid only until Saturday, April 23 at midnight. When the Easter Bunny arrives, this offer disappears.

Within 48 hours of your purchase, you'll receive a separate e-mail from Resume Writers' Digest with your gift.

You can view actual article samples in this 12-page "Best of the Conferences Preview" issue I had put together as a special bonus in 2008. 

Just want to buy the report, you can do that too! Here's the link.
It's on sale during Lent too -- just $8 for immediate electronic download.

Questions? E-mail editor(at)

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