Monday, April 11, 2011

Advantages of Blogging -- Part I

For a resume writer or career coach, there are a number of advantages to having your own blog. Lots of people have blogs -- they're used for online marketing (promoting your resume writing and career industry services) by small business owners (just like you!). There are also a number of "hobbyist" blogs out there, focusing on specific niches -- giving you the opportunity to connect with other blog publishers (and drive traffic to your own blog!)

Despite what many people think, blogs aren't just "teenage diaries." While there are a number of blogs out there these days in the career industry field, the market certainly isn't saturated.  Competitiveness in a market just means there is traffic to be had and money to be made...if you want it.

Creating a blog in this day and age could not be easier.  There are literally hundreds of completely free blogging platforms available to people.  So why not give it a shot? 

If you are shaking your head right now thinking about how you said you would never blog, check out these three advantages. We'll look at advantage number one in today's blog post:

1. Feed traffic to your resume writing business website:  If you have a website for your career industry business (resume writer, career coach), adding a blog to that site or even on its own domain is a smart move. 

Blogs are based on dynamic content -- meaning the content is fresh and regularly added.  Google likes fresh dynamic content.  If you are blogging constantly about things related to your business you will naturally begin to start ranking in Google for some long tail keywords. This means you will be picking up web traffic that your static business site wouldn't have.

If your blog is part of your business site then that will mean more traffic directly to your site.  If you have your blog on another domain -- you can use links and banners to direct the traffic to your business or "money" site.

Tomorrow: Using a blog to showcase your expertise.

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