Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Introducing Online Manifesto for Biz

Running a business in today's technologically advanced world can be both exciting and extremely challenging. As a resume writer, you have all of the pressures of staying competitive within the careers industry while also staying current with the trends going on in society -- especially the trends in online marketing.

Having a properly planned and optimized web presence is no longer a nice to have. If you want to have long-lasting success as a resume business owner, your business needs to be online -- and it needs to be in all of the various formats of online exposure.

But how do you know where to start when there are so many components to online marketing and such little time to dedicate to it?

You start with a system. A system that has a proven track record and produces predictable results. A system that can be learned in steps and implemented in a realistic time frame. That is exactly the kind
of system that is being presented to you here today.


The Online Manifesto for Biz is a 21-step program that shows you the most critical components required to successfully bring your offline resume writing business FULLY into the online world.

With so many websites, social sites, and advertising platforms available for businesses to make their mark online, it is very easy to get lost and make costly mistakes.

The Online Manifesto has been designed to cut through the clutter, focus on what works, and deliver it to you, the REAL business owner, in a way that can be easily understood and implemented.

Here is an overview of what this system covers:

Web Basics:
Step 1 — Web Hosting

Step 2 — Domain

Step 3 — Web Platform

Step 4 — Why Blog?

Step 5 — Blogging Best Practices

Social Media
Step 6 — Setting Up Twitter

Step 7 — Using Twitter Properly

Step 8 — Facebook Profile & Fan Page

Step 9 — Facebook Places

Local SEO
Step 10 — What & Why

Step 11 — Keyword Research (Localized)

Step 12 — SEO Basics

Step 13 — Setting up Google Places

Step 14 — Google Places Best Practices

Mobile Marketing 
Step 15 — The Power of Mobile

Step 16 — Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Step 17 — Mobile Marketing Options

Lead Capture
Step 18 — Lead Capture in a Nutshell

Step 19 — Lead Capture Best Practices

Media Buys
Google and Facebook Ads

Step 21 — Cross Promotion

If you purchase the Online Manifesto for Biz by Saturday, April 30, you'll pay just $7 (50% off the regular price of $14). You'll also receive the Best of the Conferences Special Report (an $8 value) as part of my Lent Special -- for free.

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