Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Advantages of Blogging -- Part III

The first two posts in this series outlined the advantages of a blog to drive traffic to your website and helping brand you as an expert.

The third advantage has to do with your website making you money directly.

3. Money making potential: There are going to be lots of people who come across your blog who don't turn into resume or career coaching clients. You can make money from your blog by getting them to purchase your affiliate offers -- but you can also make money from them just by virtue of them visiting your site -- through advertising revenue.

If you are getting a lot of traffic to your blog, you can sign up for a service like Google AdSense which will place relevant ads on your blog posts.  Every time a person clicks one of these ads you will be paid.  There are also tons of affiliate offers out there.  On a site like Clickbank, you can sign up and promote other people's products on your site.  This works especially well if the product is relevant to your content. 

You might even get the opportunity for selling your own ad space. You can sell ads directly on your blog -- you might partner with a local service provider (for example, a mental health therapist who offers career assessments) and sell them ad space on the blog.

Blogs have moved beyond the realm of an online diary and yes it seems like everyone has a blog.  Those aren't reasons for you not to do it, especially if you want to succeed as a professional resume writer and/or career coach.  More traffic, brand yourself as an expert and make some money...who wouldn't want that?


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