Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Advantages of Blogging -- Part II

In yesterday's blog post, we looked at the first advantage of blogging, feeding traffic to your resume writing or career coaching business website.

The second advantage has to do with positioning yourself as an expert.

2. Brand yourself as expert on a topic:  This is also a great benefit for professional resume writers and career coaches.  If you are constantly blogging helpful advice about a certain topic -- you will eventually begin to gain followers.  If your information is high quality, people will begin to look at you as an authority on your subject. Once you are looked at as an authority on the subject, you will instantly gain the trust of your blog readers.  They will come back and be loyal visitors.  Loyal visitors means you can funnel them to become clients or even tempt them with affiliate offers.

Next up in the series: Making money directly from your blogging efforts.

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