Saturday, March 3, 2012

Email Marketing for Dummies

I am a huge advocate for resume writers building and using an email list. John Arnold’s book, “E-Mail Marketing for Dummies” may be the perfect source for learning how to start e-mail marketing and excel at it.

The book, which has a cover price of $24.99 (but sells for $16.49 on, helps you develop a strategy for marketing with e-mail. Learn how to build an e-mail list, create messages which reach those on your list and produce results. You’ll also discover how to track those results. Along with technical advice for building a list, you’ll also have the benefit of legal guidance that will keep you from inadvertently crossing over into spamming those on your e-mail list.

This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to incorporate an e-mail list into your total online marketing plan. Find out how to create messages that say “Open and read me,” how to include social media sources such as Facebook and Twitter, target your e-mails so they are relevant to your readers and track which emails get the most clicks through to some type of action.

384 pages long, “E-Mail Marketing for Dummies” is a one-stop place to get all the advice you need to be set up a successful e-mail marketing plan, increase your business, track the effectiveness of each campaign and finally find a method of marketing that can be the difference between online business success or failure.

If you are looking for one book that gives you the information you need for developing an e-mail marketing campaign for your resume writing business, this one is a book you’ll definitely want to read.

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