Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Stay Motivated as a Resume Writer

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Earlier this month, I wrote a post about "Finding It Hard to Stay Motivated?"

Being a resume writer can be a very profitable way to make a living -- however, because you only get paid when you work with clients, self-motivation is a necessity. There's no one else to motivate you. You're on your own.

While the threat of no money may seem like motivation enough, sometimes you need a little more motivation. Here are some ideas to get you motivated.

1. Set a Daily Income Goal
Take a look at how much you made last year and create an annual goal for this year's income. Then divide it by 365 days. That's how much you want to earn daily. Print this number out in a large font and hang it over your desk. (My husband uses a weekly goal, because he understands that things can change from day to day.)

2. Track the Money
Hang a dry erase board on your office wall. After you complete a resume project, write down the amount of money you've earned on the board. Track it for the month and keep a running tally. If you're money motivated, watching that number grow will help you stay busy.

3. Take a Day Off
This may sound contradictory; however, one habit that many self-employed resume writers have is to work seven days a week. This leads to burnout and work apathy. Take a full day off each week to recharge yourself. Don't think about work. Don't check email. Just enjoy the day.

4. Build Your Resume Business
If you're doing the same thing day in and day out, it's easy to lose joy and motivation. Spend time each month planning how to grow your business. What is working for you? What isn't working? How can you attract more of your ideal customers? What new service can you provide that offers value to your customers and excitement or interest to you? (LinkedIn profile development? Social media coaching?)

5. Create New Habits
One of the reasons motivation can falter is if you're in a rut. For example, you get up every morning, drink your cup of coffee and check your email. You then get right to work. Why not change your morning habit? Before you check your email and get to work, do something creative or physically active. Changing your habits and routine can add life back into your day. Self-employed resume writers are creative people and a rut can drown your creativity and motivation.

You're in control of your life and your income. If what you're doing isn't working for you and you're feeling unmotivated, you have the power and the wherewithal to make a change. Find your motivation!

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