Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Using an Email Newsletter to Promote Your Resume Writing Business

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Have you thought about using an email newsletter to market your business? Here are a few tips to use as you craft your e-newsletter.

People love to read information about their jobs and career. You can use your content as a way to market your resume writing services. Getting people to subscribe to your email newsletter is one step closer to getting them to try your resume writing services.

Here are some ways you can use an email newsletter in your resume writing business:

  • Offer free subscription -- Just for signing up and giving their name and email address, you can offer free subscriptions to your email newsletter.
  • Write articles about your services -- You can write articles related to the specific niche market you serve in your resume writing business or more general articles that offer timely and expert advice to your reading audience. But, don't forget to write articles that also focus on your career services. Let people know that you are an expert and then tell them about what you do.
  • Create a customer section -- This is where customers (and prospective customers) can have their questions featured and answered by you. Include an email address where they can send their questions.
  • Offer affiliate offers or advertising -- You can feature affiliate offers (such as reference checking or resume distribution services) or advertising. The more subscribers you have for your enewsletter, the more affiliate revenue you can generate, or the more you can charge for your ads.
  • Have guest writers -- You can have other resume writers (or your affiliate service providers) write articles for your e-newsletter. For example, if you don't offer career coaching, you can partner with a career coach to write an article for your e-newsletter. In exchange, they get a byline and a link to their website at the end of the article.
  • Hold contests -- Everyone loves contests! The prize could be something related to your business (like $50 off a resume package) or a career-related book, or an Amazon gift card. Second and third prizes could be discounts with purchase of a service. Feature the names of the contest winners in the next edition of your e-newsletter.
  • Promote Your E-Newsletter to Your Current Clients -- In addition to looking for new subscribers, don't forget to invite your current resume clients to sign up for your e-newsletter list.
  • Put The Word Out On Social Networks -- Do you have a Facebook business page? Promote your e-newsletter on there.
Email newsletters can be used to promote your business by providing vital information about your business to current and prospective customers.

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