Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to Create an Awesome "About Us" Page For Your Resume Writing Business Website

When creating your "About Me" or "About Us" page on your resume writing business website, you must remember that this is part of building your brand. It is your chance to tell your story to potential and current customers. It’s also a chance to tell your story to people who might want to partner with you in the future (for example, career coaches, therapists, recruiters, etc.). Most website visitors click on the "About" page. Some experts suggest that over 80 percent of all website visitors look at and read the about page. It’s important that you use this real estate to its full potential.

Making a great "About Us" page is as easy as answering these six questions: Who, what, when, where, how and why.
  1. Tell the reader who you are. Your clients and potential clients want to know exactly who you are. Let them know. The trick is to tell them, while remembering who you are talking to. Knowing who your target audience is will help you tell your story.
  2. Tell the reader what you do. Be clear about what exactly it is that your business does for its clients and customers. Remember that they don’t really want to hear that you write resumes — they want to know if you can help them get interviews! What problem do you solve? Answer that.
  3. Tell the reader why you do what you do. Part of your reason why, is to solve the problems that your clients have. But there is more to it than that. It can be very personal to you about why you decided to offer your products or services to others.
  4. Tell the reader when you started doing it. By giving the details about when you started doing what you do, you will eventually establish your longevity, but even if you just started, it’s good to share where you are in your journey with your readers. Describe how you came to became a resume writer.
  5. Tell the reader where you are. It’s perfectly fine to mention your locality. Even if you serve people all over the world, be proud of where you are now and talk about it. Part of what makes your business what it is, is where you came from. You can also use the "where" to talk about where you fit into the careers space — for example, if your "area" of expertise working with financial services professionals?
  6. Tell the reader how you solve their problems. This has been mentioned throughout these seven tips, but it can’t be said enough: Customers want to know what’s in it for them and your "About" page is a perfect place to tell them. After all, to the client it’s all about them, including when it’s about you. 

Once you develop a great “about us” page, you can use the information you created there for many other marketing materials. The information can be in the form of a brochure, and some of the information can be expanded to be included in various blog posts, articles, and social media updates. You can expand your brand in a consistent manner across all marketing channels as you develop your branding narrative.

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