Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nine Ways to Show Your Resume Clients That You Care

Is customer service dead? It sometimes seems that way, doesn't it? Some businesses don't seem to appreciate that they wouldn't exist without their customers. But for most resume writers, I find that customer service comes first. If this is your mindset, here are nine ways to show your customers that you care.

1. Loyalty Discounts. You often see new customer discounts, but what about giving your long-term customers a loyalty discount? It drives me crazy when my cable company offers new customers an introductory rate that is 1/5 of what I'm paying, and I've been a loyal customer for YEARS! So consider offering existing customers a special offer when you roll out a new service or information product. And make sure you position it as a loyalty discount. ("Because you are a valued customer of ABC Resumes, I'm giving you my best discount on my new LinkedIn Check-up. New customers will pay $99 for this comprehensive profile analysis and development of a targeted Headline, but because you're already a customer, you get it for just $59.")

2. Thank You Notes. Writing thank you notes seems to have gone out of vogue, but you'd be shocked at how much a nice handwritten note will mean to your customers. You will stand out to them and next time they need their resume updated, they'll think of that note.

3. Remembering Special Days. If you've collected information on your customers such as birthdays, anniversaries or other special days, drop them a card in the mail. It's also a good time to give them a birthday discount. You can also give them an anniversary discount each year (on the anniversary of the day they started working with you!) This ties into tip #1 too.

4. Referral Rewards. Your happy customers will likely tell others about you anyway, but why not encourage the process by offering referral rewards. You can offer a percent off future services or a free gift; it's up to you. Some resume writers offer a Starbucks gift card or Amazon gift certificate. Or you could gift them a free copy of one of your ebooks. All will be appreciated.

5. Prompt Service. Another way to make your customers feel cared for is to offer very prompt service. Treat their work as if it's your sole priority and get it done on time or early. They will notice how you treat them.

6. Going the Extra Mile. You've heard the saying to "under promise and over deliver" before, but it cannot be said enough. If you can go the extra mile for your loyal customers, they will notice. Even if it's just something really small, they'll notice and feel cared for.

7. Ask for Feedback. People love giving their opinions about things. But, often they will not do it if they're not asked. At least quarterly, send your customers a survey to ask them how you're doing and how you can do better. But don't ask for feedback about things you're not able to implement. (Don't ask them if they want access to workshops or teleseminars if you hate to speak, for example!)

8. Be a Resource. Sometimes we can't be all things to all our clients. Perhaps they need something we cannot deliver. Therefore instead of just saying no, say yes by recommending someone who can give your client what they need. When you become a resource to your clients, they'll become loyal to you because they know you care about more than the almighty dollar.

9. Give Extra Value. Speaking of resources, jobseekers crave information. Be an information resource for your clients. Provide them with ebooks, special reports, teleseminars/webinars and other content. (This is easy to do using Pass-Along Materials that you can publish "as-is" with your name on it!)

People have so many other options available to them today that they really don't have to patronize your resume writing business. Remember that customers can and will go elsewhere if they are not happy. It costs a lot more money to find a new customer than to keep one. Therefore, you should go out of your way to keep good customers happy by showing them that you care.

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