Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was talking to a fellow resume writer in Georgia today (to clarify, she lives in Georgia -- I still live in Nebraska) about how she got started in her business. She started out as a technical writer, and continues to do copywriting and technical writing in addition to her resume writing.

That brings me to today's "idea" -- to keep your writing fresh and yourself "engaged" in your work, consider diversifying! Pursue "writing work" that is not necessarily resume writing. This can include corporate bios, copywriting, and technical writing.

One of the most interesting works I've ever written was actually a bio/profile for a former astronaut who wrote a book and is now a fairly sought-after speaker. I got the assignment through a local speaker's bureau, which had contacted me about doing these sorts of bios after finding me under "Resumes" in the phone book.

But you don't have to wait for people to call you -- reach out to get these kinds of (lucrative!!) assignments. Send a cover letter, samples and your brochure to speaker's bureaus, public relations agencies and directly to companies. Emphasize your ability to develop short bios for speech introductions and board profiles -- and longer bios for company backgrounders and press kits.

Believe me, it's a service that is greatly in demand -- and a well-written bio is GREATLY appreciated by recipients. (I'm the editor of a newsletter for the Omaha Press Club and when we honor local dignitaries with our "Face on the Barroom Floor," I can't tell you how much easier my job is when a good bio comes along.)

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