Thursday, July 19, 2007

Resume Writers Who "Write While You Wait"

When I first started out writing resumes (for profit) in 1996, I did them, "While You Wait." The client would sit down next to me, and we'd bang out the resume together. I quickly learned it wasn't a successful strategy for me. But it might be for you.

Some of the benefits of writing while the client is there includes:
• Make more money per hour (you're likely to spend less time writing if the client is with you -- there will be fewer distractions, for one thing).
• Serve more clients. Instead of having separate consultation and writing time, it's combined, so you can work with more clients.
• Meet client deadlines. It's hard not to, when the client sits there expectantly.
• Make rush fees. Now, instead of rush fees on turnaround, charge a rush fee for a same-day or next-day meeting, instead of a next-day delivery.
• Spend more time with your clients. You won't be in as much of a rush to get clients out the door -- because you'll be working collaboratively with them to uncover their resume information right there.
• Spend more time on marketing. Anytime you're not meeting with clients, that's when you should be marketing (within reason, of course). But you won't have to block out separate marketing and writing time.
• Gives you more free time. You can truly run a 9-to-5 business if you only accept appointments during those hours. All writing will be completed during that time as well!
• You'll be able to focus your time with clients. You're directly collecting the information that will be used on the resume, so you should find it easier to fill in the gaps than if you're collecting information to write later.

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