Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Attracting Corporate Clients

All economic downturns are temporary. Companies that need to cut costs today will be hiring again -- maybe not tomorrow, but soon. When companies are forced to lay off employees, they want to keep the employees' goodwill ... and offering outplacement services is one way companies help their employees, even when they're showing them the door. Research shows that clients who use outplacement services find new positions much faster, making the expense of outplacement an investment for employers.

Penetrating the corporate outplacement market can be a good target market. While some outplacement services include comprehensive career management (assessment testing, resume writing, coaching or counseling, resume distribution services), it is possible for the sole proprietor resume writer to land an outplacement contract. In fact, there is an underserved market for targeting small-to-midsize companies that may only lay off 1-20 employees at a time. (Large auto manufacturers like GM, for example, may layoff hundreds at a time).

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