Friday, May 2, 2008

Going through an old issue (Jan/Feb 2006) of Office Solutions magazine, I came across an item about "JobsByFax"), a company that offers bulk resume distribution via fax. I looked it up online and was surprised to find it still in business, given that resume distribution via e-mail is now the norm. (They claim that faxing your resume to a prospective employer is a competitive advantage -- your resume will be "opened" because it comes through that way). I didn't read through the site enough to find out if they get permission from the employers to receive the faxes (although I did see that you can add or remove your fax number for free).

I found the site founder's story very interesting. Apparently, they used to fax 5,000+ companies each day with an advertising-supported "comic" of the day. But when the rules changed about unsolicited faxes, they had to change their business model. The question I have is -- why didn't they just go back to their existing list of 5,000+ companies and ask them to "opt-in" to receiving the faxes?

Has anyone used this service for their clients? I'd be interested in hearing your results.

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