Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Book: Designing a Cover Letter to "Wow" Hiring Personnel

Ahh... cover letters. If you're a resume writer, you've probably been asked a million times (I know I have!): "Do I need a cover letter?"

Does salt need pepper?
Does ketchup need mustard?
Does Bert need Ernie?

You get the idea. 

Of course job seekers need a cover letter. They probably need a couple of cover letters, actually. One for applying for advertised jobs. One for sending for unadvertised opportunities. A networking cover letter. A cover letter for recruiters.

Some of my best work as a resume writer, in my humble opinion, has been on cover letters. I love how they let your creativity shine through.

Purchase the book online!
So when I saw that Teena Rose had a new ebook out, "Designing a Cover Letter to 'Wow' Hiring Personnel," I was thrilled!

Katharine Hansen calls it "Fresh, innovative, and comprehensive." 

To order your copy (just $17.77), click here.

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