Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Resume Writer's Action Plan - Part 1

Attracting resume clients to your business requires action on your part. This series of blog posts will provide a mixture of tips -- some that are meant to be implemented in the short-term and some that can be developed over time. A few are designed to produce a one-time boost, while others are geared towards multiple exposures to targeted audiences.

Any one tip, if implemented, can mean an extra $1,000 a month.

1. Write a news release for your local newspaper. As a resume writer, you are often in the position to spot emerging trends. News releases don't have to be long or flashy to be effective. But they do have to be newsworthy.

For example:
With the unemployment rate at a 10-year low in Iowa, job searchers in the Des Moines area are "trading up" to better jobs, according to a local resume writer.

"We are seeing many of our clients taking advantage of a competitive hiring environment by updating their resumes and sending them out to be considered for higher-paying jobs," says Donna Rose, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and owner of Rose's Resumes. "In many cases, they are increasing their take-home pay an average of 15 to 20 percent."

For more information on this trend, contact Donna Rose at 555-4224.

2. Send thank you notes after your client receives their final materials. You can use generic thank you notes or create customized thank you cards featuring your business logo. Tuck two or three business cards into the notecard and write a short, personal message.

3. Produce a client newsletter. Write your own articles or purchase pre-written stories. Send it out quarterly (at a minimum) to clients, friends, family, referral sources, the media, employment agencies, career counselors, and real estate agents.

4. Call your competitors. Perhaps there is an area of specialty you work in that they don't (for example, military separation) ... and vice versa. Help your clients... and yourself... by referring to each other.

5. Host a workshop. Develop and promote a one- or two-hour workshop. Possible topics are the job search strategy, finding a better job, even writing a resume. You will be targeting qualified prospects. Charge $10-$50, depending on the value of the information you present.

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