Saturday, August 18, 2007

Author + Resume Writer = Careers Expert

As a resume writer myself (and editor of several publications), I can tell you that editors are dying for quality content for their publications. Money, health, marriage and CAREERS are the top four areas of interest for readers.

So how can you tap into this expertise? It's easier than you think. (Thanks to Robert Middleton,, for ideas on this).

Your objective in an article is to share useful information that can help people solve a problem. As Middleton says, "You're not trying to prove how smart you are, you're trying to help someone."

1. Start by making a list of topics that fit your business.
– How to _______ (How to Get Your Resume In the Hands of the Hiring Manager)
– ___ Ways to ________ (10 Steps to a New Job in the Next Month)
– ___ Ways NOT to ______ (3 Ways NOT to Make a Good Impression in an Interview)
– ___ Top _____ (10 Top Mistakes Made by Job Searchers)

2. Prioritize your list.
– Can you think of some examples for the articles above? Use the ones you think you can flesh out into an article.

3. Figure out where you'll send your article when you're finished with it. (Newspaper? Association Newsletter? Radio? TV?)

When writing the article, consider this format:
1. Problem
2. Solution
3. Examples
4. Wrap-Up

For example:
1. Your resume isn't generating interviews. Common reasons why this might be so.
2. You need a better resume. Good resumes have the following things in common.
3. Examples of taking an "obituary" resume and turning it into a "results" resume.
4. Resume writers can get you the results you want. Here's how to get a free critique of your resume.

I'll share more ideas on becoming a career expert in the future. In the meantime, if you'd like some possible article ideas (and to see a news release sample), download this pdf:

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