Saturday, August 25, 2007

"People Won't Pay the Prices I Need to Charge"

In any economy (good or bad), people have money to spend on having their resume developed. The trick is convincing them they need them.

The message in a down economy is: "You need a professionally-written resume in order to stand out in the pile of resumes that flood in for every available position."

The message in a good economy is: "If you're looking for a better job, you need a resume that can show why you're worth 10, 15 or even 25% more money than you're currently making."

The key is finding the prospects who can pay. One surefire way is to find people who have money!! For example: target executives and senior managers, not blue-collar workers and college students. I know, I know, it seems harsh … but you're in business to make money, right?

Another idea is to go outside your geographic area. While most of my business is local, I've done resumes for clients throughout the US -- many who were relocating to new cities. You don't have to be a local expert to write an effective resume I have found that you can capture those clients who think that local expertise is the "only" thing by saying, "Yes, there are times when you will want to choose someone locally, but not every community has a resume expert who knows all the local resources. It can be just as important to find a professional resume writer who can help you tap into proven resources to market yourself to prospective employers regardless of where you live."

Most resume writers think they can fill their appointment books by advertising in the Yellow Pages, having a site on the Internet, and giving talks. However, those are just SOME of the tools you're going to need to use in order to drive the kind of business that sustains you as a primary income source. Many resume writers also find that subcontracting can steady out the peaks and valleys of being a self-employed resume writer

There are thousands of clients who are out there who are willing to pay your prices ($100 up to $1000+) for a resume if it gets them what they want … the job they want/need.

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