Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dispelling the Myths of Resume Writing

These are some myths I've encountered in more than 14 years of writing resumes professionally. Sound familiar?

1. You must know everything. No one can know everything. You must know what you need to know to write an effective resume to get your client a job. I've met resume writers who could know absolutely nothing about a field and write an incredible resume. For me, I need at least a passing familiarity with the industry -- and I do a lot of research to get myself up to speed. But I also tell my clients they need to help assure I incorporate in the correct terminology and keywords.

2. We are in the "resume writing" business. Nope -- we're in the "helping our clients get a job" business. The resume is simply the tool. Sell your clients a solution, not a product.

3. You can't give stuff away and still charge for it. This is one of the biggest myths around. Think of the giveaways as "free samples." These can include things like written critiques; samples on your web site; free seminars (even on "resume writing.")

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