Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Most Effective Tactics for Job Search

According to, these tactics are among the most effective for individuals conducting a job search. Research has shown the most successful job seekers use a variety of these job-seeking strategies:

Direct Employer Contact
Research and identify employers for whom you'd like to work. Contact each employer by letter or phone, indicate how you can be of value and ask for an opportunity to visit and discuss employment opportunities.

Use Your Network
Contact your relatives, friends, and professional colleagues and ask them to share valuable advice and employment information. Remember, the more people working with you, the more leads you can produce.

Employment Recruiters
Contact employment recruiters who place people in your career field and industry.

State Employment Service
Each state offers a wide variety of information and assistance designed to help you find employment. Check out their career centers for valuable information on career and industry trends, salary surveys, job-hunting tips, interview techniques, and more.

Placement Office
If you're a college graduate, contact your placement office and inquire about employment assistance, including job leads, available to graduates and alumni.

Professional Associations
If you work in a professional career field, several state or national associations likely exist and provide career information and services to members. Find associations in your field through your local library and contact them to ask about employment assistance.

Job Hotlines
Employers nationwide have created job hotlines that you can call -- usually via a free 800 number -- to learn about employment openings. Most bookstores and libraries have books listing hundreds of job hotlines.


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