Saturday, September 1, 2007

Setting Yourself Apart From the "Competition"

Are you just "another resume writer"? Of course not! In your marketing efforts, you must demonstrate to clients the VALUE you offer to them. What makes you different and what makes you stand out from everyone else? (This applies whether you are targeting a local market, or clients across the nation.)

Areas of differentiation can include:

• Certification (value = expertise)

• Experience in the field (value = you know their industry; you speak their language)

• Accessibility -- easy to work with, hours that work for them, credit card acceptance, etc. (value = convenience)

• 1-on-1 In-depth interviews instead of forms (value = personal interaction and total customization)

• Affiliation (i.e., memberships in professional organizations). (value = current knowledge of trends and techniques in career management).

Answer this question:

Then you'll get people who say, "Call _x_ -- she does exactly what you need."

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