Monday, September 24, 2007

Quick Publicity Tips

As I work to get a couple of newsletters out the door, I'm reminded how easy it is to get publicity for your resume writing business, if only you take the time! For one of my newsletters this month, I interviewed three vendors. One of them immediately shot to the top of the list as a source I'll value because she provided a tip sheet for me. It was pretty simple -- just a couple of "Frequently-Asked Questions," but it made my day -- and, in fact, because the basis for the article. (To be fair, I had to interview the other two vendors, as they also advertised in the newsletter, but it was her graphics that I featured in the article too.)

How can you get more publicity? Be a better source. Prepare a couple of tip sheets ("Choosing a Resume Writer," "Top 10 Mistakes Most People Make on Their Resume," "Five Keys to a Successful Job Search," etc.) Think graphics! Can you provide a before-and-after sample? Sidebar with checklists? Your photo (professionally taken)? All of these things will endear you to the media. Trust me!

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