Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Publicity Ideas from TV Shows

Sometimes you can generate publicity by tying your concept into a television show. With the new season of television underway, there are new opportunities to find this connection.

Back in 2003, I wrote a news release based on "Cupid," a television show airing that season. (The press release website I submitted it to no longer exists, unfortunately.)

Called "Looking for a Job is a Lot Like Looking for Love," the news release highlighted the similarities between the resume screening process and the television show.

The show was designed to help single gal ("Cupid Girl") Lisa Shannon find and marry her perfect mate. Helping her screen out "the losers" were her two friends, Laura and Kimberly.

In the first two episodes, Lisa and her pals auditioned hundreds of prospective suitors. Each had just 30 seconds to make an impression and advance to the next round. I pointed out how the same mistakes that sunk some prospective suitors would also hurt job seekers trying to make a good first impression.
Look to the media for current themes and trends you can piggyback onto for your news releases.

Wondering about Lisa?

MSNBC had an update: She picked a mate on the final show (Hank Stepleton), but the pair declined to be married live on TV, turning down $1 million. Instead, they said they wanted to get to know each other off-camera, and from what we’ve heard, they followed through with that.
In 2003, after the show aired, they moved to Chicago — Hank’s hometown — together. In August of 2004, they were still together, having moved to LA, although they weren’t yet married or engaged. But the summer of 2004 was the last we’ve heard of them.

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