Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Book: 30-Day Job Promotion

Susan Britton Whitcomb has just released a new book, "30 Day Job Promotion: Build a Powerful Promotion Plan in a Month." You can read a sample chapter here.

The book covers:
  • Top 10 characteristics of promotable people
  • 3 common reasons people want to get promoted—money, ego, and “itch”
  • 6 secrets of a Master F.I.T. so the new position fits like a glove
  • 5 A's of a winning game plan
  • 12 dumb mistakes to avoid when going for a promotion
  • Quiz to predict your client's "promotability factor"
  • 10 commandments of career success
  • Scripts and tips for to help your clients have “crucial career conversations” with their manager
  • A winning T.A.L.K. formula—timing, agenda, languaging, keep it going
  • 15 common roadblocks to promotion, along with tips for overcoming them
  • 10 steps to salary negotiation to help clients get paid for the work they really do
  • 10 inspiring success stories of real-life people who have earned promotions
Buy the book on Tuesday, Sept. 18 and help Susan climb the Amazon best-seller charts!

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