Saturday, December 1, 2007

Interview Questions to Assess the Candidate's Teamwork Talents

Is your client prepared to answer these eight questions designed to assess his or her teamwork talents?
  1. Describe your relationship with your supervisor, your peers, or your subordinates (if applicable).
  2. What would your present supervisor say about you? How about your peers? How about your subordinates (if applicable)?
  3. What was the most difficult work relationship you encountered during your last job (or career)? How did you handle this difficulty?
  4. Without using names, describe two or three of the worst people you've ever worked with. Why were they so hard to work with? How did you manage to work with them?
  5. What do you look for in a supervisor? In co-workers?
  6. What kind of supervision do you need?
  7. How did your supervisor give you feedback in your last job? How did your peers assess your work?
  8. Give me an example or two of your teamwork skills.
-- Reprinted from "50 Great Interview Questions," Richard G. Ensman, Office Solutions magazine, November/December 2006.


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