Sunday, December 16, 2007

2003 Industry Survey Results

Profile of a Resume Writer
The average professional resume writer, according to this year's survey, is a female small business owner (61 percent are self-employed full-time; 23 percent part-time) who has been writing resumes 10 years, on average.

She works from home and meets with clients mostly in person, although she also works with some clients virtually. More likely than not, she is certified as a resume writer.

The typical resume writer charges $81.50 per hour -- but more important, she charges an average of $279 for a resume. Spending approximately 20 hours per week on client consultation, research, and writing, she writes an average of four resumes per week.

Our analysis of the industry finds that there are approximately 3,500 to 4,500 professional resume writers in the U.S. (Although there are approximately 6,000 firms nationwide offering resume writing services, this figure includes companies such as Kinkos and Copymax, both of which offer mostly resume typesetting).

Despite increasing awareness of the four major professional associations (Career Masters Institute, National Resume Writers' Association, Professional Resume Writing & Research Association, and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches), it appears as if fewer than one-half of all resume writers belong to an association (although those who do belong to at least one association are very likely to belong to more than one).

Another interesting trend is the number of home-based resume writers who still meet with clients in person. The statistics remain virtually unchanged from the 2001 figures. At that time, only 13% of resume writers worked with clients by phone, fax, and Internet only -- in 2002, that increased to 15%; in 2003, it's 14%.

It seems the access to technology is being integrated into the client management process -- not replacing face-to-face interaction.

Key Statistics:
Where Do You Work From (more than one response allowed)
Work From Home – 75%
Work From "Business" Office – 30%
House Calls/Client Premises - 3%

Are You Certified as a Resume Writer?
Yes – 58%
No – 42%

Do You Use Questionnaires With Clients? (more than one response allowed)
Yes – 40%
No – 28%
Sometimes – 32%

Compare these results with the 2001 and 2002 industry survey results.

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