Monday, December 24, 2007

What's in a Name?

I'm creating an index of all the previous issues of Resume Writers' Digest, and came across an article in the September/October 1999 issue on "What's In a Name? Guidelines for Naming Your Business." (The 1999, 2000, and 2001 issues are all available on the Resume Writers' Digest website for free download.)

The article gives a couple of key tips for naming (or renaming) your resume writing business.

1. Plan to accommodate future services. If you are planning to offer more than just resume services, you will need to make sure your company name can encompass a diverse range of services. Thomas P. Gove, president of The Original Resume, faced this challenge in 1988 when he named his company. "I had a vision of creating much more than just a resume company, something different, something unique, something 'original," he says. His company provides resume writing services, permanent recruiting services, and consulting services for businesses.

2. Pick a name that fits your niche. Choose a name that reflects the audience you want to attract, or the niche you want your business to fill.

"The name to most people does mean that they will be getting a product that reflects the trends in the marketplace," says Jean Cummings, of A Resume for Today. "People will say, "I wanted a resume for today.' No one so far has interpreted it to mean I will turn it around in one day."

3. Consider making a change if your current business name isn't working. Nancy L. Barker, previously of Busume Resumes & DTP decided to change her business name after she noticed new clients were having trouble with the name. "I think the last straw was when a recent client couldn't seem to pronounce it (even though he heard me say it so many times) and insisted upon saying 'bosom-ay.' Ack!"

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