Sunday, December 9, 2007

That's Not a Job Search System

I subscribe to's Job Searching e-newsletter because I'm always looking for resources I can recommend to my clients ... or to you, wonderful readers.

So I opened up Alison Doyle's latest missive and found this tantalizing link:
"Start a Job Search System." Oooh, I thought. I always recommend an action plan for my clients -- maybe here are some new resources.

The tagline below the link sounded promising:
It's important to have a system in place when you start a job search. Start by searching the top job sites, your local job sites, and the job sites that focus on your career field(s) of interest each and every day.

Unfortunately, if you (like I did) clicked through to the link, her "job search system" involved searching online career sites, and using online career agents.

Not exactly what I'd consider a "Job Search System."

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